The global legal industry is experiencing rapid change at the hands of technology, yet we know very little about those affecting the change. Historically, research has focused on the users of technology and not the legal technology companies creating it.

The UKLTA has joined forces with legal technology associations worldwide through an initiative spearheaded by Alpha Creates and ALTA (Australian Legal Technology Association), in order to support a first-of-a-kind survey.

The survey aims to compile the most comprehensive data ever on legal technology and its creators in order to provide unprecedented insights into the emerging sector, which will be complied into the Global Legal Tech Report.

The report is backed by every major legaltech association in the world, including:

  • International Legal Technology Association (ILTA)
  • European Legal Tech Association (ELTA)
  • ASEAN Legal Tech (ALT)
  • Legal Tech NZ (LTNZ)

Matt Pennington, UKLTA Chair commented:

“As a community of both lawyers and tech providers, the UKLTA is all about improving the interactions between those two groups, in order to facilitate the greater adoption of technology within the legal sector. Building a greater understanding of the approach that legaltech companies are taking to the marketplace on both a local and international level will help us continue to develop and iterate our strategy for supporting them.”

Alpha Creates and the UKLTA will be reaching out to legal tech companies based in the UK over the coming weeks, inviting them to take part in the survey.

The survey will be open until Friday, July 31st, 2020. By participating in this survey, you will receive a complimentary copy of the resulting report on the UK market, along with a discount should you wish to purchase the global report.

If you haven’t yet received your invitation you can register directly at