UKLTA, the Legal Technology Association for the UK is happy to announce that Limited (DEF) have joined the Association. Limited (DEF) is based in London and provides a platform for civil disputes in England and Wales and overseas.  Our platform enables online management of pre-action cases, arbitrations, mediations and evaluations, designed for litigators and self-represented parties.  We advocate for enduring change in civil justice systems at home and abroad.

On becoming a member of UKLTA, Tony Guise, Director of DisputesEfiling (DEF), said “DEF was delighted to join the UKLTA whose involvement with civil justice reform mirrors our mission. DEF looks forward to supporting the work of the Association in the coming months and years as the civil justice landscape evolves.”

The UKLTA mission is building a community where legal professionals, technology providers and consumers of legal services can come together in order to help shape the future of legal services delivery collaboratively.

To find out more about the benefits of membership for law firms and tech providers visit our website.