UKLTA, the Legal Technology Association for the UK is happy to announce today that Fliplet has joined the Association.

Fliplet works with over 50 global law firms and empowers anyone to produce custom mobile and web apps. With a suite of pre-built apps for common use cases, such as marketing, events, training, internal comms, crisis management, and directories, firms can rapidly deliver apps for staff or customers to distribute via public or enterprise app stores, and online.

Fliplet CEO, Ian Broom says ‘We’re very excited to be a part of the UK LegalTech Association. Fliplet will support UKLTA to drive legal technology innovation and support the UK to be the industry leader for legal technology globally.’

The UKLTA mission is building a community where legal professionals, technology providers and consumers of legal services can come together in order to help shape the future of legal services delivery collaboratively. To find out more about the benefits of membership for law firms and tech providers visit our website.