UKLTA, the Legal Technology Association for the UK is happy to announce today that rradar has joined the Association.

rradar is a specialist litigation and commercial law firm that combines legal expertise and digital tools to proactively educate, manage, advise and deliver business solutions that reduce our client’s legal risk. Our in-house development professionals work alongside our lawyers, design and media specialists, building exciting and innovative ways to share our legal risk management advice and knowledge.

Gary Gallen, CEO of rradar said, ‘since 2012 our vision is to empower and educate businesses through smarter legal services.

During the pandemic, we have seen a huge increase in the number of clients who are struggling and looking to us for help, as well as a massive upsurge in demand for our knowledge and content across rradar’s many digital platforms. It is reassuring that the business model we developed has been proved effective and is delivering advice and guidance to people when they really need it.

2020 has shown that the way the legal industry interacts with modern technology is changing – and changing fast. Keeping up with the pace of change is difficult for any company, and in this unprecedented year, it’s become a herculean task.

In such a challenging environment, it’s very important to have a community that brings together professionals, providers and consumers in a way that enables them to spark off each other and generate innovative products and solutions, and we are excited and proud to become a member of the UKLTA.’

The UKLTA mission is building a community where legal professionals, technology providers and consumers of legal services can come together in order to help shape the future of legal services delivery collaboratively. To find out more about the benefits of membership for law firms and tech providers visit our website.