December saw the launch of the UKLTA’s brand new demo group, with a live products
showcase from five specialist legaltech products, curated by Nigel Stott of Baskerville
Drummond, Caroline Galek of Vlex and Lisa McClory of Fractal Knowledge.

With thanks to E3 Compliance, Arken, Estatesearch, Claim Technology and inCase, each short
session provided a live demo of the product and an example user journey. There were some
detailed discussions around integrations and ways that technology can improve client
experience not just for clients and users who are digitally-savvy, but also for clients and
customers with additional needs. This included, for instance by improving the security and
reliability of communications using apps, rather than relying just on email with attendant risk
of phishing and scams, something which is a high risk issue for all types of law firm.

When bringing in any new technology, integrations are a key factor. We heard some great
questions on bringing together solutions and, in particular, how each technology integrates
with existing case management systems. Sometimes when starting on a new digital
innovation journey, it’s hard to know where to start. The sessions gave an insight into how
technologies can be integrated with existing systems, allowing firms and businesses to
deploy a new solution quickly without having to overhaul their entire IT infrastructure in the

Keeping up to date with new technology can be time consuming. The UKLTA is making life
easier for legal innovation teams and inhouse legal by bringing the best of new features and
innovation together in these live demo sessions every quarter.

The recording is available through the UK website until mid-January. Be sure to check out the
session if you didn’t manage to make it, and watch out for news of our next set of exciting live
demos in Feb 2022 for a preview of more features, more innovation and more ideas for
practice management, inhouse legal, law firms and legal innovation.