As 2021 draws to a close and things slow down over the holiday period, you may have a bit more down time than you otherwise would. Why not watch a few videos? Over the last three months, Legl held a series of 30-minute lunch ‘n learn webinars – all of which are available to view at your convenience now!

Hot Topics in Compliance for Law Firms

Andy Donovan, SRA Compliance Specialist at The Compliance OfficeTracey Calvert, Director at Oakalls Consultancy Limited, and Legl’s Director of Legal Partnerships, Lauren Watson, discussed tactics for managing source of funds/source of wealth, ongoing AML monitoring, due diligence on international companies and more.

“If the SRA don’t see it on the file, then they are assuming it never happened. And I think that is one of the biggest challenges, particularly people being so busy. The record keeping, the old school attendance notes of everything anyone said in the first meeting, you’re just not seeing as much,” said Andy with regard to providing the appropriate records and details for external audits.

“I’m seeing some very, very good CDD policies, textbook-quality policies, but that’s no good if they’re not being used in practice,” added Tracey. “So I do see that there is a piece for compliance geeks like all of us to work on in the firm. It’s no good just having a beautifully-crafted document if nobody knows where it is, or what’s in it. There’s the requirement to pull this into the the experience of everybody in the firm to keep the firm safe.”

Watch the on-demand webinar now to hear more of the discussion.

Improving Cash Flow at Your Law Firm

In this webinar, Piers Jackson, Senior Legal Partnerships Manager at Legl, shared more information about how your law firm can leverage technology to reduce the time it takes for clients to pay. He covered how digital payments tools work, the latest technology in the payments space, and how to de-risk your business with payment request links.

“Demand for the delivery of online legal services has soared in the last 18 months,” said Piers. “Clients expect to be able to instruct, pay and interact with lawyers from the comfort of their own homes, at the time of their choosing. And increased transparency in legal services has resulted in more competition for law firms as clients seek the services that meet their requirements.”

Watch the on-demand webinar now to find out more about Legl’s payments solution.

Leveraging Data to Inform Business Growth and Decision-making

Alex Toppin, Consultant at Oaklin, and Lauren Watson, Director of Legal Partnerships at Legl, discussed how law firms can leverage data to drive business growth and decision making. Alex and Lauren chatted about the types of metrics that are useful to track, and showed some real-world examples of how law firms are using this data to grow their businesses.

As Alex pointed out, “Knowing the baseline and what you’re doing now and how that’s working and at what cost to the firm is so important, and [there is a need to understand] where improvements can be made.”

Watch the on-demand webinar now to hear the full conversation.

Creating a Firm-branded Client Experience

In this webinar, Lauren Watson, Director of Legal Partnerships at Legl, explained how your firm can create a best-in-class digital client experience, delight clients, and win more new business with advanced legal technology.

“There’s a real value in digitising the onboarding process, not only by making it easier and simpler for your clients to actually get you started on substantive work, but also from a business perspective in managing those processes in a much more consistent and streamlined way,” said Lauren. “And when you start to do things like client onboarding in a completely digitised way, you’re able to assess the data across the firm’s entire client base and actually improve your firm’s risk management in general” while still pleasing your clients.

Watch the on-demand webinar now .


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