• Quill’s comprehensive accounts and practice management software now tightly integrates with leading client lifecycle management and payments tool provider, Legl. 
  • Combined Quill-Legl users can use new online payments functionality directly from the money management module within their existing Quill system.
  • Quill users can offer clients an easy and secure way to pay – thereby reducing average payment times from six weeks to sixteen hours or less.
  • Integration is suitable for receiving funds on both account and bill payments.

Quill, the leading supplier of legal accounts software and outsourced cashiering services in the UK, is pleased to announce a significant new integration and partnership with client lifecycle management and payments tool provider Legl to enable Quill’s circa 10,000 law firm users to send secure payment requests and get paid faster from clients.

About the Quill-Legl integration

With a focus on delivering tangible efficiency to law firms, the integration brings together the expansive legal accounts, case and document management functionality in Quill with Legl’s online payments portal – all from the ‘Money’ module within the familiar Quill software environment. 

“This new functionality not only makes life more convenient for law firms but also vastly improves the overall client experience,” explained Quill’s Managing Director, Julian Bryan

“It’s a win-win for both law firms and their clients. Friction-free payments at inception or conclusion of a matter are quicker for the law firm to request and more convenient for the client to make. This means work can commence even sooner and less time needs to be allocated to credit control.” 

How Legl works

Online payments allow firms to rethink and modernise cash collection. Through Legl, law practices can embed a firm-branded payment checkout on their websites, signature blocks, invoices or accompanying engagement letters – supported by best-in-class standards throughout. 

Unlike other solutions in the market, the Legl platform is designed specifically for legal payments, with security, legal account rules and faster reconciliation at the heart of its product. 

Benefits to law firms

Legal practices who have switched to online payments cited lower billing cycles, improved client experience, reduced risks of financial fraud, enhanced Know Your Client (KYC) procedures and streamlined operations. 

“Our data shows the average Quill software user currently gets paid from clients six weeks after the initial invoice being sent out. In comparison, the average client payment time for Legl customers is typically sixteen hours or less,” said Bryan. “Anything to shorten this lock up of money from unpaid bills radically transforms firm cash flow.” 

Digital transformation in the legal sector

“This integration and partnership is a significant step towards our strategy of improving the digital client experience within the legal sector,” explained Legl’s CEO, Julia Salasky

“We begin by looking at where law firm clients are with regard to payments, plus what they want from a good law firm experience. Digital payments help businesses stay competitive and give a modern experience to their clients. It’s low-hanging fruit – easy to get started with whilst reaping instant, dramatic results.”

How to get started

Law firms interested in Quill and Legl are advised to visit https://legl.com/integrations-quill, call 0161 236 2910 or email sales@quill.co.uk.  


About Quill 

Quill helps law firms streamline and run law practices better by providing simple and easy-to-use practice management and legal accounts software, as well as outsourced legal cashiering, digital postroom, payroll and typing services.

At the heart of our company values is a total commitment to continual service and software development, and maintaining exceptionally high standards of client support and training, which is why Quill is the first choice for many small-to-medium-sized law firms.

Quill is privately owned, staunchly independent and long established since 1978. In its early days, they were just a handful of entrepreneurs and developers selling programmable calculators. Today, Quill is a 100-strong team centred on offices in Manchester and Liverpool.

About Legl

Legl provides flexible workflows for law firms to support all aspects of client lifecycle management. Our modular solutions deliver streamlined client onboarding, fast, automated client due diligence, efficient payment and reconciliation tools, and ongoing AML monitoring. All of this is underpinned by seamless integrations with case/practice management systems, and in-depth insights and audit trails to help firms better understand their clients and comply with regulation.

We’re on a mission to help law firms quickly and effortlessly digitise their client management processes. Firms have seen unprecedented change in their operating practices, with the combination of new compliance regulation, increasing demand for digital legal services and the shift to remote working as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic creating both new pressures and huge opportunities for the modern law firm. Today, Legl serves over 150 mid-market UK law firms, and has supported the delivery of legal services to over 100,000 clients nationwide. For more information, visit www.legl.com.