UKLTA member Fliplet have a packed Q4 events calendar to help you get ready for 2023. With next year’s planning under way, and a recession looming, Fliplet have pulled together a handy series of webinars to help firms plan out delivery in all areas of their organization.

Fliplet’s hosting webinars for the following audiences:

  1. Marketing and business development professionals

  2. Event and marketing professionals

  3. Trainers and knowledge and marketing professionals

  4. HR, internal comms and alumni managers

  5. Innovation teams and management professionals

  6. IT, infosec and Fliplet users


Fliplet is a no code/low code app building platform with a suite of solutions to support organizations with the creation, development and implementation of apps.


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Upcoming webinars:

Encourage, Engage, Educate: How to upsize your training

Tuesday 15 November 2022, 4-4.30pm


Future of HR: Delivering effective internal communications with apps 

Tuesday 22 November 2022, 4-4.30pm


Fliplet Summit Q4 2022 – What’s new and an exclusive preview of the upcoming 2023 launches 

Wednesday 30 November 2022, 2-5pm


How to boost idea collection, collaboration and innovation with apps

Wednesday 14 December 2022, 4-4.30pm


Catch up on demand:


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