Tiger Eye Launches Knowledge Search ROI Calculator for Legal Knowledge Management

Press Release | 23rd November 2022

Leading iManage Partner Tiger Eye has launched a digital calculator for the legal industry, highlighting the potential cost of ineffective knowledge management. Titled ‘The Hidden Cost of Knowledge Loss and The Business Case for Blueprint’, the dual-purpose calculator demonstrates the possible cost of inefficiencies in the knowledge search process, and the prospective return on investment delivered by the firm’s flagship knowledge management product, Tiger Eye Blueprint for iManage.

Hosted on the Tiger Eye website, the calculator utilizes data from the APQC® (the American Productivity and Quality Center) – a world-leading authority in process improvement and knowledge management. Firms are invited to toggle the calculator fields to enter their staff count and average hourly wage, in order to generate the potential cost of knowledge retrieval inefficiencies, as well as the possible cost-savings offered by Blueprint for knowledge searching. Users can also request for a copy of their personalised report to be sent direct to their company email address, so that the data generated can be used for businesses cases, internal communications, and presentations.

With the APQC® reporting that over 52% of knowledge workers say their productivity is hurt by findability problems, Tiger Eye aim to encourage the legal industry to take advantage of the proven benefits of knowledge management, including reducing time wasted on searching extensively for knowledge and expertise, and recreating knowledge that already exists.

The calculator’s launch follows the onboarding of two new customers to the Tiger Eye Blueprint customer base, who will benefit from the system’s functionality for knowledge curation, centralisation and security. Blueprint user firms become a part of The Blueprint User Community, including BLM (now Clyde & Co), William Fry and Al Tamimi & Co. Launched in 2019, the community meet regularly to discuss their system usage and drive the product’s development roadmap.

Long-term Blueprint customer and system user, Zane Anani, PSL at Al Tamimi & Company, commented: “Blueprint has made a significant improvement to our knowledge team. Before Blueprint, the firm’s knowledge was scattered throughout our iManage document management system and was difficult to locate. With the system’s functionality for taxonomy building and maintenance, knowledge tagging, and curation, I can now ensure our know-how is not only centralised, but easily accessible via the system’s search functionality.”

Dave Wilson, Managing Director of Tiger Eye, added: “At Tiger Eye, we have long been ambassadors for the benefits of knowledge management – not just within our marketplace, but within our own business, too. Yet, as any Knowledge Manager knows, proving quantitative return on investment for KM processes and technologies can be complex. We hope that our newly launched calculator will help legal knowledge teams to demonstrate the true value of their vital efforts and focus.”


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