VirtualSignature-ID has partnered with some of the leading case and practice manage

ment software providers in the UK to provide a dedicated API that assists professional service firms in enhancing the automation of their digital workflows.

Our RESTful API has been built for firms who require any combination of document management, client eSignature authentication and customer photo ID document verification.

API integration in practice management software primarily benefits firms with the improvement of their operations. APIs enable various software applications to communicate seamlessly, simplifying numerous routine tasks such as data entry, client onboarding, and document management.

This operational benefit is enjoyed by firms using VirtualSignature-ID’s RESTful API, plus much more. The API optimises client-server interactions by removing server loads and caching of past client request information, allowing scalability without causing communication bottlenecks that reduce performance.

The flexible nature of the RESTful API allows VirtualSignature-ID to make changes to any part of its database at any time depending on the requirements of our clients.

The Restful API that VirtualSignature-ID can implement automates many manual processes that firms would normally have to carry out, significantly reducing administration tasks and overheads, eliminating human errors, and allowing employees to dedicate their time to more high-value tasks.

Users of VirtualSignature-ID’s API are able to exchange documents to be digitally signed and have them automatically sent back to the practice management software once completed.

While there is a lot going on in the background of our API, firms do not see this and benefit from a straightforward and seamless document exchange process.

With the use of VirtualSignature’s API, the document exchange process can happen a lot faster, all while remaining compliant and secure.

With one single API such as VirtualSignature-ID’s RESTful API, firms are able to access any or all digital onboarding applications at any time.

If you’d like to know more about our API and how it can benefit your firm’s practice management software, then please get in touch with us today.