Estate agents and their role within a fully automated conveyancing process

As estate agents are all too aware, the conveyancing process has traditionally been complex and time-consuming.

However, thanks to the advancement in digital technology, this process is becoming increasingly streamlined and efficient.

VirtualSignature-ID’s SmartLink and SmartForms software are two such innovations that are revolutionising the conveyancing process by connecting conveyancers, clients, and estate agents, creating a seamless and professional conveyancing process.

Estate agents as the link in the conveyancing process

Estate agents play a crucial role in the conveyancing process. They are often the first point of contact for both buyers and sellers, and they facilitate the initial stages of the property transaction.

However, their role can extend beyond this initial stage, especially when they are integrated into a fully automated conveyancing process.

With the help of VirtualSignature-ID’s SmartLink software, estate agents can become the link that connects all parties involved in the conveyancing process.

The software allows estate agents to engage and interact with clients, send and receive messages, notifications, and call-back requests, and even share screens for a more interactive experience.

This enhanced level of engagement can significantly improve the client experience, improving the overall conveyancing process.

The power of SmartForms

In addition to SmartLink, VirtualSignature’s SmartForms software offers another layer of efficiency to the conveyancing process. SmartForms are dynamic and responsive HTML forms that replace traditional Word and PDF documents. They can be programmed to interact with users, making form completion more engaging and efficient.  Any form such as a Sales Memorandum, Client Engagement form, Property Information Form or even HMLR standards can be accessed from a library within the platform and completed and signed remotely.

SmartForms are particularly effective on mobile devices, making it easier for clients to complete necessary forms on the go.

Once a digital transaction has been completed, the SmartForm automatically creates a PDF version of the form for distribution, ensuring all parties have access to the necessary documentation.

SmartForms can also interact with other documents and update information in real time, allowing for instant data exchange.

This feature is particularly useful for estate agents, who often need to manage a large amount of client data and communicate with multiple parties during the conveyancing process.

Integration with existing software

Both SmartLink and SmartForm are designed to integrate with existing software. Through their API, third-party intermediaries, such as call centres or sales agents, can connect with their customers to speed up communications and the delivery of client data. This integration can significantly enhance the efficiency of the conveyancing process, making it easier for estate agents to manage their clients’ needs.

VirtualSignature-ID’s SmartLink and SmartForm software is bridging the gap between estate agents, conveyancers, and their clients.

By enabling estate agents to become the link that connects these stakeholders, and by streamlining the form completion process, these tools are making the conveyancing process more efficient and client-friendly.

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