Leading iManage Partner Tiger Eye (part of the CTS Group) has today [11th October 2023] announced the relaunch of Tiger Eye Blueprint, the vendor’s flagship knowledge management product trusted by firms globally including Al Tamimi & Co, the leading law firm in the middle east. Over the past year, Tiger Eye Blueprint has been rewritten from the ground up to futureproof capabilities and deliver greater scalability, adding a range of new features specifically designed to streamline and accelerate legal knowledge management workflows.

The newly redeveloped system delivers full REST compatibility for the iManage platform, as well as flexible authentication, connecting with iManage Cloud, Cloud iManage and self-hosted iManage systems. With user experience a core focus of the redesign, the system’s layout has also been reconfigured, delivering a more responsive design with greater accessibility.

Knowledge bundling has also been added to the system’s functionality list – a feature highly requested amongst the platform’s user base, The Blueprint User Community. Through this capability, firms are able to connect and unite bundles of knowledge assets including documents, standard precedents, communications and meeting notes to present a wider view on an event or insight. User firms aim to use the functionality to create knowledge bundles regarding changing legislation and firmwide events including company policy and training sessions.

Tiger Eye Blueprint’s comprehensive functionality encompasses the entire legal knowledge management process, from knowledge collation through to the curation and classification of knowledge and the sharing and use of knowledge assets. The system integrates seamlessly with iManage, with knowledge assets stored within a separate knowledge-specific iManage database. With this, the system utilises the same market-leading security capabilities as the iManage Work platform. Delivering a wide range of curation capabilities, the system ensures that knowledge stored is regularly updated and approved by a firm’s knowledge team. Knowledge assets (including standard precedents) are then centralised in one secure, searchable database, enabling the Tiger Eye Blueprint system to become a ‘single source of truth’ for user firms.

Early adoption projects are scheduled for launch in Q1 2024.

Dave Wilson, Managing Director of Tiger Eye, commented: “This relaunch is just the start of Blueprint’s new journey, with a whole host of new features on the horizon for the platform. Working in partnership with our new customers (to be announced soon), the product is being taken in new and exciting directions, with new ideas and capabilities brought into the roadmap to reflect the ever-changing world of knowledge management.”

Visit the Tiger Eye website to learn more about Tiger Eye Blueprint for Legal Knowledge Management: https://www.tigereyeconsulting.com/solution/blueprint/