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As part of our ‘Student LegalTech Certification series’, William Van Zwanenberg, Masters Student, welcomes guest speaker Livio Robaldo, Senior Lecturer at the School of Law of Swansea University. Livio will present LegalDocML, the most widely used XML standard for tagging legal documents. All UK primary legislation and jurisprudence is freely available in LegalDocML.

This webinar will explain how to find and download documents in LegalDocML from the website of the National Archive,  illustrate how LegalDocML allows for the representation in XML of different types of legal information.


UKLTA Certificate in Legal Technology

The UKLTA is now providing a certificate in legal technology to students who attend a number of its online events over the course of the academic year.

The online events cover various aspects of the legal technology landscape, and are designed to augment the teaching and learning provided through your University course. The events will provide you with greater knowledge of the legal technology sector and help you to stand out from the competition when it comes to interviews.

How to get involved

Register for a free UKLTA membership through our website www.uklta.org.uk by going to Join → Student Application Form, using your University email address. We will use this address when issuing the certificate.

Register for the events you wish to attend, available events are listed on the UKLTA website here:


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