How Law Firms are preparing for Microsoft Copilot & OpenAI

Empower your Law Firm’s data with Microsoft Copilot and OpenAI

Law Firms now find themselves at a critical point where the value data brings to their business is indispensable. Whether you’re leveraging data to streamline case management, and research capabilities, or ensure unwavering compliance – this is just the beginning of how you can use data to transform the way your business works.

In 2023 there’s been a huge uplift in AI in the Legal Sector, and we’re here to show you how you can leverage two technologies at the core of this remarkable transformation: Microsoft Copilot and OpenAI.

Our Cloud Evangelist, Leon Godwin, hosted a webinar to help you understand the value of harnessing these Copilot and OpenAI, and the foundations your Law Firm needs to successfully adopt them.

Watch the webinar recording here >>