Debenhams Ottaway Use Legl to Focus on the Client Experience


As Director of Client Services, Julia Taylor ensures the Debenhams Ottaway client experience is seamless from initial contact through to matter completion and beyond: “My role in the firm is to deliver that excellent first impression, uphold client expectations, and support the lawyers to be as accessible and responsive as possible.” Julia explains, “My overarching goal is to oversee and understand how people choose us, how they use us, how they pay us, and why they stay with us.” As Director of Client Services, Julia was unwavering in her approach to ensure the Debenhams Ottaway’ 100-person-strong, multi-service law firm set its [...]

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Understanding the Four Stages of a Client’s Lifecycle


For more information around client lifecycle management, check out Legl's white paper: Understanding Your Clients Throughout Their Lifecycle Every client who comes to your law firm experiences the same four touchpoints: acquisition, delivery, loyalty and retention. These four stages represent the client lifecycle, and mastering them is key to your business growth. By putting your client at the very centre of your business decisions, you can build a clearer picture of their expectations and their risk profile—-all the while leveraging technology to drive efficiency and profitability within your firm. Whether it’s your processes, your technology or your customer service, honestly assessing how your law firm [...]

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5 Pillars for Managing the Client Lifecycle at Your Firm


Client lifecycle management (CLM) provides the framework to understand and proactively manage clients throughout their journey with a law firm. It helps organisations truly understand clients beyond just compliance, so that they can provide the best services and manage risk over time. Introducing a client lifecycle management framework can help you change the way you approach your client journey to benefit your business. Here are a few of the ways that client lifecycle management can help give you focus on bringing iterative improvements to your client journey.  Optimising onboarding is key to knowing your client  CLM gives you the tools to [...]

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Best Practices in Compliance, Payments and the Client Experience


As 2021 draws to a close and things slow down over the holiday period, you may have a bit more down time than you otherwise would. Why not watch a few videos? Over the last three months, Legl held a series of 30-minute lunch ‘n learn webinars – all of which are available to view at your convenience now! Hot Topics in Compliance for Law Firms Andy Donovan, SRA Compliance Specialist at The Compliance Office, Tracey Calvert, Director at Oakalls Consultancy Limited, and Legl’s Director of Legal Partnerships, Lauren Watson, discussed tactics for managing source of funds/source of wealth, ongoing AML monitoring, due diligence on [...]

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How to Proactively Prepare Your Law Firm for the Future


The uncertain pandemic landscape has permanently shifted the way that law firms do business. The phrase “new normal” has been bandied about for months. But there seems to be little consensus on what that actually means, or on what makes one firm thrive in the current climate while another fails. One thing is clear – the law firms seeking to remain competitive are taking the disruption of the pandemic as an opportunity to re-evaluate their priorities. Client expectations are evolving. Being a “client-centric” law firm involves a mindset shift that puts the client at the heart of decision-making and priorities. [...]

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