UK Phase Of Global Legaltech Research Project Gets Underway


The global legal industry is experiencing rapid change at the hands of technology, yet we know very little about those affecting the change. Historically, research has focused on the users of technology and not the legal technology companies creating it. The UKLTA has joined forces with legal technology associations worldwide through an initiative spearheaded by Alpha Creates and ALTA (Australian Legal Technology Association), in order to support a first-of-a-kind survey. The survey aims to compile the most comprehensive data ever on legal technology and its creators in order to provide unprecedented insights into the emerging sector, which will be complied into [...]

UK Phase Of Global Legaltech Research Project Gets Underway2020-06-08T15:42:58+00:00

UKLTA joins global legaltech research project


The UKLTA has joined a global research project to assess the state of the legaltech industry worldwide. An initiative of the Australian Legal Technology Association (ALTA) and Alpha Creates the unprecedented research project to definitively assess the state of the global legaltech industry through the lens of the business of starting and running a legaltech start-up. The Global Legal Tech Report is backed by every major legaltech association in the world. It is the first study into legaltech that asks the companies behind the booming sector. The other legaltech associations participating include: International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) European Legal Tech Association [...]

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